Swim 4 the Reef

What does an Austin, TX grandfather have to do with coral reefs?

Filmmaker Brad Love is campaigning on Kickstarter to support the production of a documentary the tells the story of Paul Ellis. The businessman, ex-Marine aviator, environmentalist, community activist and sports enthusiast intends to swim the Yucatan Channel, from Cozumel to Cancún. The condition of coral reefs are his passion and with his swim, he intends to help raise awareness of the threats faced by these fragile ocean environments.

Head over to Paul’s site, swim4thereef.org, to hear his story and to learn about his efforts. After you become as inspired as we are about his journey, please got the Kickstarter page and donate to help fund the film. Paul Ellis has a story about the reefs that needs to be told. Help get the message out!


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