Join Aqua Kid, Andrew, as he travels the lower Chesapeake Bay with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. See how Understanding the size and dynamics of the species’ population is key to its effective management and protection.

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    VIMS provides research, education, and advisory service in marine science to Virginia, the nation, and the world.

    VIMS is unique among marine science institutions in its legal mandate to provide research, education, and advisory service to government, citizens, and industry. Graduate students in the School of Marine Science at VIMS have an unparalleled opportunity to conduct research that matters. Research at VIMS extends from inland watersheds to the open ocean, with a primary emphasis on coastal and estuarine science.

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    I know that these kids are going to tell their parents what they are talking about at school. I always tell them that they are the next ones that are going to make decisions for this generation and I always tell them that they are going to be the leaders.

    As a high school student in drought stricken Reno, Nevada, Celeste Tinajero couldn’t bear to sit idly by as her school’s outdated toilets and faucets leaked water day in and day out. So in her sophomore year Tinajero — who from an early age had been deeply influenced by her mother’s waste conscious and socially responsible values — rallied her peers to send a $12,000 grant proposal to the nonprofit GREENevada (Growing Resources for Environmental Education in Nevada) seeking to renovate Reed High School’s bathrooms.