The Aqua Kids continue their study of the health of Lake Erie and its surrounding watershed. Watch as they look for macro-invertebrates in local streams, trawl for and track fish on Lake Erie, and get a lesson in electro-fishing on Old Woman Creek.

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    The Old Woman Creek NERR education program seeks to enhance people’s willingness to make informed decisions and take responsible actions to benefit Lake Erie coastal ecosystems and communities.

    Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve is part of a network of 28 coastal reserves connected nationally through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to address state and regional coastal management needs through research, education, and stewardship. The National Estuarine Research Reserve System uses its network of living laboratories to help understand and find solutions to crucial issues facing America’s coastal communities.

    In addition to its role as a research facility, Stone Lab offers 25 college-credit science courses each summer for undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students and educators. The hands-on sessions get students out into the field or out on the lake to study courses including biology, geology and natural resources.