The Aqua Kids take a close-up look at the health of Lake Erie. Come along as they visit the world famous Stone Lab on Bass Island, where they go trawling to look for Lake Erie fish diversity, collect tube samples and catch plankton.

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    As Ohio State’s island campus on Lake Erie, Stone Lab offers a powerful combination of science education and research

    Established in 1895, Stone Laboratory is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the United States and the center of Ohio State University’s teaching and research on Lake Erie. The lab serves as a base for more than 65 researchers from 12 agencies and academic institutions, all working year-round to solve the most pressing problems facing the Great Lakes.

    In addition to its role as a research facility, Stone Lab offers 25 college-credit science courses each summer for undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students and educators. The hands-on sessions get students out into the field or out on the lake to study courses including biology, geology and natural resources.

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