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AK 2017-18-01  Sharks – Dispelling the Myths

AK 2017-18-01 Sharks – Dispelling the Myths

Host Drew visits the National Aquarium in search of dispelling the killer image and myths about Sharks. Plus, Aqua Kids producer George Stover takes viewers along on an underwater shark adventure in Nassau.

AK 2017-18-02 Biodiversity Project

AK 2017-18-02 Biodiversity Project

The Aqua Kids visit the founders of the Maryland Biodiversity Project. Learn about the different varieties of living things and their importance by seeing how thousands of species are cataloged and studied.

AK 2017-18-03  Assateague Island Adventure

AK 2017-18-03 Assateague Island Adventure

Travel along with the Aqua Kids as they explore Assateague Island State Park, a barrier island of Maryland rich with recreational activities. The conservation of the island protects the beach, dunes and wildlife, including the famed wild horses.

AK 2017-18-04  Brook Trout

AK 2017-18-04 Brook Trout

The Aqua Kids go in search of Native Brook Trout in a pristine mountain stream, where that species had populated the area long before the Europeans discovered America. Brook Trout are indigenous to Eastern North America and are an important indicator species of that ecosystem.

AK 2017-18-05  Snakeheads – Invasive Species

AK 2017-18-05 Snakeheads – Invasive Species

Northern Snakeheads have invaded many parts of the United States, and pose a threat to the delicate ecosystem. Join the Aqua Kids as they search for this invasive predator and ways to restore ecological balance.

AK 2017-18-06  Hellbenders – Giant Salamanders

AK 2017-18-06 Hellbenders – Giant Salamanders

Hellbenders are the third largest salamander in the world. Travel with the Aqua Kids to a secluded area in West Virginia searching for this pre-historic creature and learn to appreciate their role in the environment.

AK 2017-18-07  Reef Balls National Harbor

AK 2017-18-07 Reef Balls National Harbor

Man-made Reef Balls have been used to create habitat for many Aquatic Creatures. Come with us to National Harbor in Washington, DC and learn how reef balls are being used in the Potomac River to provide habitat for Largemouth Bass.

AK 2017-18-08 Eel and Fish Survey

AK 2017-18-08 Eel and Fish Survey

Historically, the Patapsco River supported spawning runs of anadromous fish such as American and hickory shad, yellow and white perch, alewife and blueback herring. Over the past 150 years, private dams built on the Patapsco River blocked 23 miles of spawning habitat. Travel with the Aqua Kids as they participate in a Eel and Fish survey of the Patapsco prior to a scheduled Dam Removal.


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