Our Vision

Aqua Kids motivates today’s youth

to take an active role

in protecting and preserving

our marine environments

This generation,
like none other in history,

has both the responsibility

and the resources

to leave the legacy
of a healthier,
more sustainable
Join us...
Join us...
...and make a difference

 Aqua Kids keep the planet Green and Blue. Join Us!

We can hardly wait for our 

11th Season to begin.

Drew, Lily and…Hannah Jones

have something to say!

Welcome to our 10th Season

Episodes and Air Dates

Mussels and Water Quality 04.27.15

Mussels and Water Quality 04.27.15

You won’t want to miss this awesome kickoff to our 10th season! Join the Aqua Kids as they get to take part in bio-extraction research...

Oyster Farming     05.04.15

Oyster Farming 05.04.15

The Aqua Kids travel to Fisher’s Island, New York where they get a chance to explore a thriving oyster farm! Plus, learn how oysters are capable of providing...

Barnegat Bay Partnership 05.11.15

Barnegat Bay Partnership 05.11.15

Don’t miss this exciting episode of Aqua Kids! From exploring the salt marsh, to analyzing the diversity of New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay, this episode of Aqua...

Greater Newark Conservancy 05.18.15

Greater Newark Conservancy 05.18.15

Come along with the Aqua Kids as they head into the city for this very unique episode! From visiting a sensory garden, to raising honey...

Project Terrapin 05.25.15

Project Terrapin 05.25.15

Who doesn’t love turtles? Join the Aqua Kids as they take part in Project Terrapin, a venture designed to maintain terrapin habitat and populations! You...

Salt Marsh Degradation 06.01.15

Salt Marsh Degradation 06.01.15

Join the Aqua Kids as they meet up with Dr. Elphick to learn all about declining salt marsh bird habitat. From participating in grass research...

Horseshoe Crabs 06.15.15

Horseshoe Crabs 06.15.15

On this week’s episode: Horseshoe crabs! Head out to Connecticut with the Aqua Kids as they get a chance to catch both juvenile and adult...


 What else do the Aqua Kids do?

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Selena Paredes wrote a beautiful poem in honor of #CeciltheLion and we wanted to share it with everyone.

Cecil the Lion

How does one begin to say goodbye
When you didn't deserve to die
You were the source of our pride
And now all we do is cry

We cry because it's cruel
The way you were tricked and fooled
We cry because it's wrong
The way they followed you for so long
We cry because we're mad
At the way you were treated so bad

And now...

We remember your stealth
And the way you stalked your prey across the land
We remember your beauty
And how you glimmered gold and tan
We remember your power
And the way you towered above your "fans"

It's time to bring an end
To the mistreatment of our friends
No longer can we run and hide
When there are lions dying within their prides

Selena Paredes
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WTVC-TV NewsChannel 9 News interviewed our Producer George Stover and Hosts Hannah Jones and Drew Bostwick this week during our shoot in Georgia on #water quality indicators. The interview will air in two weeks featuring the #AquaKids and their work with the Tennessee Aquarium.
The Tennessee Aquarium Adventure will kick off the new season of the Aqua Kids TV Series!
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Aqua Kids will be streaming live from selected locations this summer! Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for times and dates.

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2 Emmy Awards

15 Telly Awards – 13 Bronze and 2 – 25th Anniversary Gold awards

2 Gold Catalyst Awards – 1 for Educational and 1 for Entertainment Programming

2 Videographer Awards – 1 Award of Excellence and 1 of Distinction

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